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Introducing WoW Tips: Your Weekly Guide to Women in Leadership

Empowering Women Leaders: Your Weekly Guide to Success with WoW Tips

Welcome to WoW Tips, your weekly guide to navigating the complexities of leadership.

But first, let me share the inspiration behind WoW. It’s more than just an acronym; it’s a tribute to the incredible women who have shaped my journey, supporting me through triumphs and challenges, near and far.

Now, you might be wondering why 44 weeks? Well, there’s no elaborate reason behind the number. It simply represents the remaining weeks of 2024, a time-frame I’ve chosen to share 44 invaluable tips for women in leadership. These tips aren’t just theories; they’re tried and tested strategies that have helped me navigate the complex terrain of leadership over the past two decades. Of course, I can’t encapsulate over 20 years of global leadership experience into 44 topics – that would be impossible. But we have to start somewhere, right? And so, every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing stories, failures, mistakes, and successes – all aimed at empowering you on your leadership journey.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our first WoW Tip:

WoW Tip (1): Juggling Tasks Like a Pro: The Art of Time Management

Effective time management is the cornerstone of successful leadership. Here are some key strategies to help you master this essential skill:

(1) Plan your week ahead
  - Set clear goals of what you aim to achieve
  - This can and should include personal and business goals
  - I usually spend an hour on Sunday, planning and visualizing my week ahead

(2) Set clear expectations for your team
  - If your team is quite new, help them figure this out

  - List down clear objectives and who is accountable for what

  - Do a mid-week check-in and support where needed

  - Use whatever fancy tools that work for everyone
  - My favorite is a good ol’ white board

(3) Find your optimal time to do deep-focus work

  - This is different for everybody, so find what works for you
  - No, I don’t wake up at 5am (my sleep is very important to me)
  - My optimal peak time are the 1st hour of the day and the last 3hrs …. Find Yours!

(4) Give yourself room to breathe between meetings and time-blocks

  - Skipping meals didn’t make me skinnier (I tried)
  - I actually put on weight, felt more bloated, suffer from migraines

(5) Learn to delegate

  - For many years I wanted to do it all and prove that I was worthy
  - It’s not about who is doing it, but how you lead the team to get s*it done
  - Delegating allows you to focus on more complex tasks

(6) Skip meetings that don’t require your input or decision

  - To do this, send a private message and ask the sender for details

  - Unless if it’s from my boss or the CEO (obviously attend!!)
  - Lead by example when you send a meeting invite, add in the agenda!
  - It’s not about ego, it’s about the respect of someone’s time

(7) Multi-tasking is a creative killer
  - Focus on one thing at a time

  - Trust me I have tried the multi-tasking

  - I end up making mistakes, and correcting
  - You are not saving time from multi-tasking, but rather wasting time

WoW Tips is not just a weekly guide; it’s a journey of empowerment and growth for women leaders worldwide. As we embark on this voyage together, remember that leadership is not about reaching the destination but embracing the path we tread. With each tip shared, may you find inspiration, courage, and wisdom to navigate the complexities of leadership with grace and resilience. Let us continue to uplift each other, break barriers, and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future. Here’s to the remarkable journey ahead – may it be filled with success, learning, and endless possibilities.

Welcome to WoW Tips, where every tip is a step closer to unlocking your full potential as a leader! If you’re looking for guidance, whether through Life Coaching, Career Counselling or Executive Coaching in Dubai and the UAE, know that every step of your journey is important and achievable with the right support